Thursday, July 23, 2009

Persons of Highest Capacity

Those who, through their personal suffering,
Truly want to end completely
All the suffering of others
Are persons of supreme capacity.


  1. Persons of highest capacity are the bodhisattvas who vow to liberate all beings from samsara. Aspiring bodhisattvas aim to achieve complete buddhahood because only a completely enlightened buddha has the capacity to liberate beings on a vast scale. Arhats and solitary buddhas can help others, but their help is limited to what they can accomplish in their lifespan. Because buddhas attain the non-abiding nirvana, which makes no distinction between samsara and nirvana, they are able to liberate beings through countless incarnations through countless lifetimes. Arhats attain nirvana, but it is a one sided nirvana. Mondane beings remain in samsara and so are not able to liberate others.